Case Studies

The following case studies give an illustration of the type of cases on which we are frequently asked to work.



Moira suffered from brain damage during a hospital operation that went catastrophically wrong. This affected her coordination, eyesight and cognitive skills. She lives in a care home in the South East and is visited frequently by her parents, children and grandchildren.

After a full assessment we were able to recommend computer equipment and environmental controls which helped her regain some of her independence. She was able to use her new computer to watch photos of her family and listen to music. With help, she was even able to start constructing basic sentences. In addition with an adapted remote control, she was able to control her television, lighting and the curtains in her room.


Linda damaged her neck after years of having to work in a very poor workstation setup on the sales team of one of the banks. Typing on her keyboard whilst having to hold her telephone in the crook of her neck took its toll.

We provided an expert witness ergonomic causation report for lawyers and although the case is not settled yet, the report has gone a long way in supporting her case and hopefully allowing an out of court settlement.


We were first asked to assist Leonard when he was 8, soon after his accident when he was knocked down by a car and left severely brain damaged.  When he started going to school again we recommended a computer and special software to help him get the best out of his new school.

We are still working with Leonard, even though he is now a young man of 19.  His mother has had to adjust her aspirations for him but with the aid of his computer he can communicate on a ‘level playing field’ with the friends that he has made online, his gaming skills and coordination have improved considerably over the years and he is currently studying a course at college.